Each Sunday at Victoria Hall Methodist Church we have two worship services through the day. 

10:45am traditional service

Our Worship is traditional Methodist Worship. 

You will be offered a warm welcome and have the privilege to  worship in a multicultural congregation with many nations represented among those who come.  

We regularly welcome visitors to the City at our worship and you will be extremely welcome to join us.  

At the end of the service we enjoy coffee and fellowship with one another.

Once a month we will share communion together

 6pm gathering

The emphasis is on gathering a community of people within the city.  Supporting each other, standing with each other.

We would like to invite you to your church, whether you are exploring faith for the first time, on the fringe of church or looking for church that is different, 

We begin with food, then  move into a time of open worship which can be different each week, this is  led by members of the group. 

It is a safe space, for anyone from any background any culture to come and just be themselves. 

We are excited to meet you!

If you are coming for the first time and would like to be met outside please send us a message and we can arrange this.

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