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Each Sunday at Victoria Hall Methodist Church we have two worship services through the day. 

10:30am Morning Worship.

We sit in a circle.  Worship is shared by the congregation.  Some join us on Zoom. Worship is led by online worship songs and visual resoruces. We use a mixture of traditional Hymns and contemporary songs.  There is a midweek online fellowship which look at the bible readings for the Sunday morning and help to choose the hymns and songs for worship.  

Once a month we have Holy Communuion.

We share coffee after the worship.  

We are a small fellowship who make everyone welcome and we want to welcome new members and grow together to bless the city.

 6pm Oasis

Food.  Faith.  Friendship.

A safe space for all.  We eat together, make friends with each other and offer support and encouragement.  Worship is informal and people can sit in sofa's.  We use online worship using a large TV.  We explore bible themes and encourage conversation and involvement.  We are in partnership with Salvation Army Core Recovery Church, Church Army, Independent Pentecostal.  

Everyone is welcome.  Come and join in.

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